Where did the “Custom Fields” option go in WordPress 3.0+?

For some strange reason, the WordPress team made the decision to “simplify” the user interface in 3.0+ by removing the majority of the functionality from the Edit Posts page. This was likely a good design move for those who use WordPress almost exclusively for simple blogging, but for users who are trying to do more managed content approaches to web publishing with WordPress (such as say, review sites), all this missing functionality temporarily appears to be a disaster:

Good news though. It’s not gone. It’s just default hidden. At the top right of your screen, when you’re on the edit posts page, you’ll see two gray dropdown boxes. “Help” and “Screen Options” – if you are like most users, you probably never even noticed they were there. Click “Screen Options” and reenable the fields you want. If you’re looking to use MyRP Custom Field tables (or in the upcoming 6.0: Data Tables) make sure to turn of “Custom Fields”.

Speaking of 6.0, the core work is done (the new charts functionality, on the other hand, is still needing some CSS). I sent out a dozen beta copies last week, and I’m currently in the process of upgrading my own sites to it as a test. There are at least 15 websites running 6.0 at this point, which is a decent test-base. Of course, 6.0 will be a free, easy, one-step (just drop it in and reactivate) upgrade for all 5.0 owners.

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