A note on setting up Google Maps automatic embeds.

One of the “automatic embed” features of MyReviewPlugin is the Google Maps embeds on the Setup Embeds page. When you drag the Setup Embeds widget, you’re instructing MyReviewPlugin to integrate a Google Map in to each one of your posts that is set up with appropriate location data.

Google Maps Setup Embeds

Once you’ve done this, you’ll want to set up location data on your posts. If you’ve already created custom fields with location data, you can use them directly or you can go create your own. First the process for creating your own.

When you’re on the edit post page, go to the Custom Fields section (Where is this?) and create a custom field with the name “–Address” and the value being the address you want to associate with your post.

Setting up a custom field.

This field will not, by default display in your custom field tables (despite having the MyReviewPlugin “–” prefix). You can change that behavior, it’s field name, and other settings related to Google Maps on MyRP > Settings > Google Maps.

Now, if you’ve already loaded your site with content (maybe you’re upgrading an existing site) and you have addresses set in a field that isn’t –Address, you can go to MyReviewPlugin > Settings > Google Maps and find the field titled “Address field”. Change that to the field name where your addresses are stored and MyReviewPlugin will go find them as needed!

If you don’t want to use the automatic embeds, we have a shortcode mode available which allows you to flexibly add maps to any post where you like. You’ll find this under the post area, in it, you can enter an address and some dimensions, and it will create the code to add a Google Map right within your post, anywhere you like.

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