Creating Your Own Star Image in MyReviewPlugin

MyReviewPlugin comes with over 50 great star images… they range from traditional stars, to cartoon stars, to things that aren’t stars at all: hearts, blocks, etc. Lots of different ways of representing ratings.

That said: a lot of users want something more appropriate to their niche. For example, a children’s review site might want to award happy faces or stuffed animals instead of stars; a wine review site, may wish to represent their ratings as glasses of wine; etc. MyReviewPlugin supports this very easily.

To add a new star image, simply upload it to the star image directory, which is located in wp-content/plugins/MyRP/includes/images/stars/ – this directory has a list of all the .png star images that are included with MyReviewPlugin, and in it, you can simply add your own new image.

Your image needs to be in the appropriate format. Specifically, it needs to have 1/3rd the image for each status – on (the state when the star is selected), off (unselected), hover (when the user hovers over the star), they can be any size: MyReviewPlugin will automatically adjust the size of all relevant widgets. We do strongly recommend making sure the size you do decide upon is both square and divisible by 3. Here is an example “source file”:

The default star image:

You’ll note that the image is broken in to three pieces off, on, and hover. The hover is a slightly brighter version of on, and off is the grayed out version.

When you’ve created your file, upload the file to wp-content/plugins/MyRP/includes/images/stars/ (with any unique file name) and it will show up in MyRP > Settings where you pick your star.

Make sure the size is divisible by 3 in both width and height, so sizes (widths, the height of the total file would be the width times 3) like 24, 36, 48, 64 are good choices. If you don’t want your star image to be one of those sizes, you can pad the file with transparent/white space.

If you would like to use “big stars” on some of your widgets, make sure that when you create the file, you also create a bigger version of the file, and upload it to the big/ subdirectory, with the same name. For example, if your filename is mystar.png, upload a bigger version of it to big/big-mystar.png as well. If you do not create a big version, MyReviewPlugin will simply use the small version for all embeds.

When you’ve done all this – your new star image will appear on the MyReviewPlugin > Settings page with all the other star images. Don’t fret that it doesn’t have a preview image like the others do. :-)

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