SuperChartBoy Updates

When updating SuperChartBoy, you should always update MyReviewPlugin simultaneously. At least during the beta period, some features of SuperChartBoy will always be dependent on the latest version of MyReviewPlugin. After beta, when SuperChartBoy is officially released, we will work on a more stable schedule of release dependencies.

Over the last week I’ve pushed out nearly two dozen little updates to SuperChartBoy. Little checkboxes that add requested functionality here, bug fixes there, absolutely nothing transformative, just the little incremental improvements that keep MyReviewPlugin the best. To update, go to and enter your license key (if you don’t know your license key, it is in your initial order emails or you can recover it at, download the newly updated ZIP and recomplete the initial installation process.

If you need any help, or have any feature suggestions, I’d be happy to implement them. Send them along in a ticket/email at

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