Big Google Maps in MyRP 6

This is one of the coolest features of MyReviewPlugin 6 in my opinion, at least for local niche sites (a growing business!). And better yet, its also one of the simplest.

A Google Map with multiple businesses on it.

What does it do? It allows you to render a Google Map with multiple locations on it — either your own list, all posts, or the top posts on your site. The above picture is generated from the top 10 restaurants in New York (according to a randomly generated rating, don’t take this as a recommendation!): when you click on the markers, you see the post title, rating, excerpt and a link to read the user’s reviews — you can customize what it outputs in this widget in the template file1.

You can configure where the map centers in on (allowing users to pan around to find products), how many posts to display on the map, the size, and other details of the map, etc. You can do this right within the UI.

A Google Map with multiple businesses on it.

Or using the new 6.0 API functions3, or the new 6.0 shortcode [myrpbigmap], which has the options post_ids (a comma separated list), width, height, zoom, mapType, center (address the map should start centered at), source and limit. It also has a special option “allposts” which, if set, will cause MyReviewPlugin to render the map from all the posts available on your site (i.e., the ones that are rated and have addresses), still subject to the limit command of course2.

A Google Map with multiple businesses on it.

As usual, if you have any questions, feature suggestions, whatever. Send them via the support system and we’ll make sure you get sorted out as soon as possible. If you run in to any problems, make sure you’re running the latest version from the download recovery page, this is a new feature, undergoing improvements almost every day.

1 The big map marker template file is in MyRP/includes/big_map_template.
2 allposts is obviously only a good idea for sites with a relatively small number of posts. If you have thousands of posts, you should definitely not use allposts without a limit.

3 As always, these are located in api/standard.php and only meant for developers, other users can get by with the shortcodes. They include myrp_api_big_google_map_arrayposts (which takes an array of post IDs for its first parameter) and myrp_api_big_google_map.

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