MyReviewPlugin on Custom Post Types

As of 6.0, MyReviewPlugin (and SuperChartBoy) fully supports custom post types. We do require that you add your post type to the list of enabled post types to realize the features. Here is a quick discussion on how to do that.

In a minor revision of MyReviewPlugin 5 (about the time they started to become popular among WordPress users), we added support for custom post types to MyReviewPlugin. To define custom post types which you would like to be able to use in MyReviewPlugin, you simply do the following:

  1. Open the file myrp-defines.php (plugins/MyRP/myrp-defines.php)
  2. Find, near the first line of the file the code $myrp_post_types_supported = array("post","page");
  3. Modify this code to contain your custom post type as follows: $myrp_post_types_supported = array("post","page", "your-post-type");
  4. You’re done.

Its likely some users won’t want to mess around with editing files (its a simple change, but if you’re worried or just want some support): that is fine, we can do it for you. Just contact support via the ticket system and we’ll add your desired post type to your installation for you.

It is worth noting that most users who begin using custom post types, probably don’t need to be. It is almost always best to stick with the post post type if they do what you need: it ensures compatibility with older plugins (and more importantly themes), they behave in a predictable manner, etc. Unless you need to display posts and some other taxonomy on your site in some way that cannot easily be done with categories or tags as separators, you should probably stick with just using posts. :)

If you’d like to discuss this, need advice, or want someone to guide you through adding support for other post types, just get in touch. Someone at MyReviewPlugin will help you with anything you need!

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