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It’s been a long time coming, but its finally here. Let’s talk about MyReviewPlugin 6. You’ll note the website hasn’t even been updated for MyRP 6 yet, that’s how fresh it is.

Existing customers, you can update by going to the download recovery page and entering your license key. Updating from 5.0 to 6.0 should be incredibly simple, just upload the new files and reactivate MyRP.

What’s new?
So much – there has been over 2,000 changes and 800 marked revisions since 5.0 was released. MyReviewPlugin was largely overhauled for 6.0: we redid the WordPress integration type stuff entirely to be faster, more tightly integrated with the new WordPress backend theme (it looks a lot better!), etc. MyReviewPlugin was always the fastest plugin on the market, but now it is many times faster.

More or less everything users asked for between 5.0 and 6.0 has been done. MyReviewPlugin is all about user feature requests, so send yours my way. I have a list of things for 6.1 on the go already, in fact, as soon as I post this, I’m going to get down to work on it. :)

  • In-script language modification. This is killer. You can change any string within MyReviewPlugin from right within the user interface. ANY word, phrase, sentence, anything. You can translate the whole back end (and front end) from right within the admin area now.
  • Data tables. A new form of custom field tables that allows you to control their order, categorize your data fields, etc. This lets you render detailed product information in an easy to read, easy to manage format.
  • New star rating modes. We now support non-5 or -10 star category types, such as three star, four star or even twelve star rating categories.
  • Editor’s rating explanations. Want to attach a quick explanation of how or why you picked a certain rating to each rating category? You can now do that!
  • Hiding rating categories. Control which rating categories appear where. Rating categories now have a complete permissions system that allows you to have editor’s only, user’s only, average only and other types of rating categories. Rating categories can appear in certain tables, but not other tables, as you wish.
  • Title tag embed. Add rating information right to your title tag on post pages. With one click.
  • Horizontal embeds. Where appropriate (the ratings form embed, etc.) you can now more tightly integrate with your themes with a single click, switching things that were once vertically embedded to be horizontal.
  • Per-embed control of “average” and “editor’s” ratings. Control what data shows up where.
  • Big Google Maps. This is really cool. You can have a Google Map that shows… say, on your homepage… the top 10 businesses in an area, with little pins and their rating data. Fully customizable. Total game changer in the local niche: map-based review sites, you can do it with MyReviewPlugin 6.
  • Large (or small) stars anywhere.
  • Change sort order per page-type. Category pages can sort differently than the homepage now.
  • Hide the rating form from users who are no longer authorized to review (they’ve already submitted a rating, or aren’t logged in, depending on your settings)
  • Hundreds of UI tweaks to make it more clear. Our beta testers say they’ve found MyReviewPlugin 6 even easier to use than previous versions (and it now has dozens of new features!).
  • Literally thousands of other improvements. Minor and major.

Technical stuff?

  • New API functions for easier integration with other plugins.
  • myrp_fleft and myrp_fright locations no longer appear unless rating data exists on the given page.
  • “Did you find this review helpful” no longer appears on non-rating posts.
  • GravityForms (or really any other plugin) auxiliary plugin. I’ve created an accessory plugin for MyReviewPlugin which allows you to easily let other plugins write to rating categories. This means you can have GravityForms forms that create posts with editor’s ratings, rating categories selected, etc. This means user submitted products are now easy, automatic and awesome with GravityForms. Click here to read about GravityForms.
  • Shortcodes no longer require checkboxes. That was silly anyway. The shortcodes are all always available, everywhere. (if you want to go back to the old behavior, you can change it in the Advanced Settings page)
  • Automatic “stray ratings” detection. We’ve implemented a simple garbage collector that notices if your ratings database is out of sync. This means that any other plugin that’s causing odd behavior (deleting/adding its own comments, posts, etc.) is no longer an issue!
  • SPEED. We did some more bottleneck analysis on different web hosts, different web server configurations, etc. and the few places that were holding MyReviewPlugin back in terms of speed have been dramatically improved. You’ll find MyReviewPlugin 6 is the fastest MyReviewPlugin yet.
  • Comparison table shortcodes/API functions now support an offset parameter. This will allow you to grab posts 2-6 (or whatever, as you define) instead of 1-5, by, for example, specifying offset=1.

Yours truly,
Mark Edwards,
Lead developer of MyReviewPlugin.

p.s., for a limited time, MyReviewPlugin licenses include a free lifetime, unlimited site license of SuperChartBoy (a value of $50!), currently in BETA*. SuperChartBoy is a killer way to do highly flexible comparison tables with MyReviewPlugin (and other review platforms).
All existing customers get the lifetime SuperChartBoy license in their MyReviewPlugin package.

* I say BETA, but it should be pretty stable at this point. About two dozen MyReviewPlugin users have been using SuperChartBoy for about a month now.

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